Seol Park > Behind Every Death is A Mother


Behind Every Death is a Mother


Lenticular print

48" (h) x 36" (w)

In this lenticular composition, artist presents three images interlaced into a single-surface work, the animation of which is activated by the viewer’s stance in relation to the artwork.


When looking at the work from the middle, ​viewer sees the artist’s charcoal drawing.


As the viewer shifts his stance to the right, just a bit -- as the artist believes it really shouldn’t take much for individuals to seek various perspectives on any given subject matter --, the artist offers up an image of a nameless Syrian mother mourning over the loss of her baby. 


If the viewer were to err to the left, the artist offers an image that represents traditional and institutional values -- Michelangelo’s depiction of the Virgin Mother mourning over Christ’s dead body, raised on a pedestal and enshrined. 


With this work, the artist hopes to pose questions such as:

  • How often do we see the society casting different attitudes and stances on matters of comparable nature and importance? 

  • How often do we fail (and sometimes refuse) to see things from different perspectives? 

  • How much does the media and its selective narrative impact the news-consuming public’s views on matters that require empathy and broad understanding?

  • What does it take for each of us to gain an understanding of things beyond our respective echo chambers?

  • Is a particular loss of life more/less deserving of being put on a pedestal than another?