"In my mind, labeling things ‘their concern,’ ‘my people’s matter,’ ‘your business,’ is counter intuitive because, aren’t we trying to make all of these our shared concerns, unless you’re a Martian? I prefer discussing whether an artist strives to bring to one’s chosen subjects sincerity, empathy, dimensions and artistry, not who’s licensed to tell which story.” 

Augmented reality art installation addressing themes of migration, cross-cultural dimensions, Realism/reality, landscape painting traditions, and technology. The work augments three iconic 19C paintings by American masters in the Metropolitan Museum (NY)'s collection, and is on view in situ across three galleries in the museum's American Wing. The AR work functions much like the way immigrants come to America and expand/build upon/add dimensions to the country's foundations.

Group Exhibition, Washington D.C.

Participating in a group exhibitoin "America is..." opening on Aug 2, 2019

Juried by Rachel Adams, Chief Curator, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (Omaha, NE), Taylor Bythewood-Porter, Assistant History Curator, California African American Museum (CAAM), Jen Mergel of the Assoc of Art Museum Curators (AAMC) and Curatorial Network Accelerator of Boston, and Jennifer M. Williams of New Orleans Museum of Art

Artist Talk | KAF

Delivering an artist talk on June 27

at the occasion of exhibition "An Era of Peace, A Peaceful Land" organized by Korea Art Forum

Fellowship | Anderson Ranch Art Center

Receiving Presidential Scholarship (dated May 22) to participate in a workshop led by Helen Molesworth at Anderson Ranch Art Center

AR | media mention: Channel 2 News, ABC TV Australia

Channel 2 News features Seol Park (aired 7pm Saturday, March 17, 2018)

"More than 40 works of art are on display in the Lorne Sculpture Biennale, including one piece that doesn't actually exist. This is a transformation of the Lorne foreshore like never before: art that can only be seen with an app...augmented reality Antarctic iceberg sitting in the water off Lorne is a collaboration between artists Seol Park and John Kelly, challenging the traditional definition of sculpture." - Cameron Best

Thought leadership/publication | Media-N: Journal of New Media Caucus

Curation/AR Production | media mention: Artes Magazine

Curation/AR Production | media mention: The Engine Institute, Inc.

Curation/AR Production | Featured on Art Daily

Curation/AR Production

Curation/AR Production | media mention: Sourthern Star


Curation | media mention: Wall Street International

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